Export Current Stock Summary From Shop

I was checking for the options in admin backend and i didn’t find any option to export the summary for the current stock in the shop. Is there any option there to know my current stock in the shop ?

You mean by “summary” a list of all articles and the corresponding stock?
I think there is no such option in the admin interface. You only see the stock directly in the article or - if applicable - in the articles variant overview (stock for each variant).

If you have access to the database you can get a list using an SQL-Query like:

SELECT oxtitle,oxartnum,oxstock from oxarticles;

Fields depend on your data, as you need something to uniquely identify the article per line. Maybe oxean or another field makes more sense in your case.

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Yes i needed a list of articles and the corresponding stock, I figured that there is no such option. Can this be achievable if i make a custom module for that myself?

A simple module which executes a query and export the data in excel file or pdf.

Yes, that’s the way I would do it.

Small module that grabs the data via SQL and writes it to a file. If you want it simple I would prefer CSV as you normally need other frameworks for generating XLS or PDF.
If you don’t need a button in the backend it would even be simpler to just write one PHP file loading the bootstrap.php and doing all your stuff. You then can call that script in the shell or via browser (assure that it is protected so it’s not callable by other people).

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just do it in phpmyadmin, you can export it as csv


Totally works if you know what you do and no “noob” has to use it…

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I think i’ll go for making a button at the backend so the shop admin can easily just click on it and get the csv exported. :slight_smile:

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Yes i can, but i have to make it for someone so its better i make it more user-friendly as i can :slight_smile:

this is true

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