Export user password decrypted to import in another shop

I have to export users details with passwords decoded and then have to import in Magento shop. My question is how can i export passwords decrypted?

you cant, but you can write a magento modul to make magent work with oxid hashes. i wrote a modul for oxid to handle magento hashes :wink:


Ah alright! thanks for the information :slight_smile:

@Jb123 Is there any github link for that? And by the way what hashes does OXID uses? :sweat_smile:

its a sha256 hash with salt. the module is not available right now an it was for magento 1.9 (md5), i think they switched salts from md5 to sha256 (not sure) above 2.x. i can send you a copy of the module i created.

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Okay can you share via pm or here maybe?