Extending OXUSER with new fields

Hi everyone, and thanks for the opportunity to post here.
I’m working on a project based on OXID eshop version: 4.7.7
Based on slovakian legislation, we need to store some extre fields in user table which are the Company registration ID and the Tax ID (not the same as VAT ID).
So I created a module, which extends “oxuser” model, created extra fields in “oxuser” database table and also added the extra fields in the registration form (user_billing.tpl) like this:

<input type="text" name='invadr[oxuser__companyid]' id="input-field-ico" class="company-input-field"/>

My trouble is, that I can’t find the code where the submitted form values get saved to the database on the back end.
I would be much obliged if someone could point me to the parts in the code which handles registration form’s submission and persistence of the submitted values in the database.
Thank you!

After posting the thread I dug myself back to the code, there I noticed there was a mismatch in database field names and form input name fields. After fixing the field names, everything started working and the extra datas got saved in the database just fine.
So the issue is fixed now :slight_smile: