Facebook connect not working

Hello Everyone,

I want to integrate FBLogin in my shop as it is in community-edition (http://demoshop.oxid-esales.com/community-edition/).

I have enabled facebook connect from admin and also set AppId and AppKey but then also i am not getting facebook login button.

So, here am i missing any configuration for it ? I am using OXID-4.5.9 version.

If Anyone knows, please help me.

did you set the “Customer must enable Facebook social plugins” ?

Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Settings -> Facebook

I have tried by setting it from Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Settings -> Facebook
but then also I am not getting FB login button.

Also if i am not wrong then, the option “Customer must enable Facebook social plugins” is for facebook enable button using which customer enable FB social plugin.

So if we directly want to provide that FB login then i think it is not require to set.

If you set “Customer must enable…” then the Login-Button (and other FB-widgets/Buttons) is not shown directly, customers first need to enable it.

If not selected this setting, all should be shown directly.

Please would you delete all files in /tmp folder and check again? You could as well give a try to recreate VIEWS below Service -> Tools.

Did you make any changes in Theme / Template?

I have already tried by clearing /tmp folder and recreating DB views but still no luck…

Yes, i have created my own theme.

From azure theme, I have copied below code to my login page…

[{if $oViewConf->getShowFbConnect()}]
<div class=“altLoginBox corners clear”>
<span>[{ oxmultilang ident=“WIDGET_LOGINBOX_WITH” }]</span>
<fb:login-button size=“medium” autologoutlink=“true” length=“short”></fb:login-button>

and also i have added below line in my page.tpl after footer at the end of the page but inside the capture-smarty block.

[{include file=“widget/facebook/init.tpl”}]

is there anything else missing here ?

is it working as intended when activating original Azure template?

No, with Azure template also it is not working. (see-attachment).

[QUOTE=shabbir;89041]No, with Azure template also it is not working. (see-attachment).[/QUOTE]

And on the details page when you enabled the comments function?

But look for more in the bugtracker:

But even when you see the button, there is still this problem <https://bugs.oxid-esales.com/view.php?id=3440>.

After following work-around instructions for bug 3780 and bug 3440 (patch) I was still not able to get facebook features to enable on a CE 4.5.11 shop.

I’ve only managed to get it to work by following instructions from facebook. This consisted of
[li]Adding channel.html file to root folder
[/li][li]Adding example async java code to body of base.tpl in order to load fb JavaScript SDK

However, I don’t particularly like this solution because I know the added javascript overlaps with what’s already present in OXID.

Has anybody else got facebook features to work on 4.5.x? If so, how did you do it?

OK, figured it out. Apparently the patch for bug 3440 is OK, but there’s still some other issue, maybe related to other bug 3780.

To fix this I just skip the IF statement in file init.tpl. For example, replace

[{if !$oView->isFbWidgetWisible()}]


[{if 0}]

This way I know fb is always initialized.

Hi All,

I have a douft regarding the facebook connect.

In the backend it is showing that by using facebook connect we will be able to login directly to the Oxid eShops.

But when we login it is just logging into facebook and first name and last name are the only ones taken into consideration and in the checkout step-2 we again need to register but those first and last name are pre-filled

Can I know whether by default oxid provides only these option or we can directly login with our facebook credentials

If it does not provide direct login can I get information how to integrate the fb login in an oxid eshop

the meaning of “login” doesn’t contain sending you all the user data facebook has.
Its just login with facebook credentials instead of manually registering new account in your shop

Vanilla it’s not instead of an account, Facebook Login doesn’t login to the shop. It only allows you to use FB (comment etc.) and some fields are pre-filled: https://bugs.oxid-esales.com/view.php?id=5228