Facing a problem in "Last Seen products" of our web shop


I’m facing a problem in my shop. The pages which have " SCHON GESEHEN" as a heading, the products under this heading " KUNDEN, DIE DIESEN ARTIKEL GEKAUFT HABEN, KAUFTEN AUCH" anchor tags doesn’t work properly. I don’t know what it the problem and how to handle that problem. Anyone have any idea?? I’m sharing the link as an example.

Those pages which don’t have “SCHON GESEHEN”, everything is working perfectly there. For example

When I delete the DIV of “SCHON GESEHEN” from console, everything starts working perfectly there.


“doesn’t work properly” is nothing where we can help. What exactly doesnt work or what do you expect to be different from the current version?
(You may also try the german forum, that might do it a bit easier :wink: )

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Isn’t an anchor just something like id=“anchor” within the tag? Don’t get the point either…

for me anchors work on bots pages. tried in chrome browser with #description