Facing a problem when putting a price in Price A


For dealers I’m putting a different price of every product in PRICE A. The problem which I’m facing is that if any product have variants then I’ve to go to every variants one by one and put its PRICE A otherwise it’ll gonna show 0.00 Euro.

Like price we put it on first and it’ll show on every variants, it’s not happening when I’m putting the price in PRICE A. Hope you understand my problem.

There is a tab “Extended”, I went there and check on “Intangible Products” so I can see some changes but I didn’t see any changes. Anyone have any idea regarding that??

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi @Abdullah_Qamer,
sorry your description is scarecely understandable. Do I get it right that you complain about missing inheritance of the Price A field from father item to variant item?

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Hi @marco.steinhaeuser

Sorry for the late reply. For example I’ve this product

When I change the MAIN price of this product, it’ll change in all the variants.
I mean If I go to my shop and check it’s price in any variants, it’ll show the MAIN PRICE. As an example I uploaded 3 pictures so you understand my question more.

But when I change the PRICE A from ADMIN PANAL.

Now in shop

If i change variants, it’ll still show the price 0.00, If I don’t still it’ll show 0.00.

Hope you understand what I mean.


The solution which I find is that I’ve to go to each variant one by one and change it’s PRICE A, in that way I can see the price on my shop. For example

The problem is, there are some products which have a lot of variants. And in our shop we have a lot of products too. Isn’t there anyway that I change only PRICE A and it’ll change in all variants??

Hope you understand my question more.