Faulty component error

Hello all,
basically I try to get rid of a very strange redirect when clicking on a product. The browser always jumps to index.php?cl=start&redirected=1

Now I checked error log file and found following:

 Faulty component --> details
oxSystemComponentException-oxException (time: 2012-01-31 19:47:49): [0]: EXCEPTION_SYSTEMCOMPONENT_CLASSNOTFOUND 
 Stack Trace: #0 [internal function]: oxUtilsObject->oxNew('details')
#1 /homepages/32/d119913905/htdocs/jvp_neu/core/oxfunctions.php(288): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
#2 /homepages/32/d119913905/htdocs/jvp_neu/views/oxshopcontrol.php(341): oxNew('details')
#3 /homepages/32/d119913905/htdocs/jvp_neu/views/oxshopcontrol.php(293): oxShopControl->_initializeViewObject('details', NULL)
#4 /homepages/32/d119913905/htdocs/jvp_neu/views/oxshopcontrol.php(114): oxShopControl->_process('details', NULL)
#5 /homepages/32/d119913905/htdocs/jvp_neu/index.php(103): oxShopControl->start()
#6 /homepages/32/d119913905/htdocs/jvp_neu/oxseo.php(46): require('/homepages/32/d...')
#7 {main}

I think that means something is wrong with details.php. But that file is untouched and seems to be normal. I just have extended that file and registered that in the modules section in the backend.
On my local version of the shop everything is fine. Just when I moved the files to the server, the online version got that strange redirect thing…

I deleted tmp, rebuild Views and seo links.


Seems your extension for details is not present in the modules folder.

hey frank! thank you! you showed me the right direction! the file was present in the modules folder… oxid obviously just had a problem with a capital letter in the filename.
I changed this in Core Settings/System/Modules:
details => /mod/extendedDetails to details => /mod/extendeddetails
Now it works. I was searching the error somewhere else cause it was working locally :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=leofonic;80360]Seems your extension This is an excellent site I love it
for details is not present in the modules folder.[/QUOTE]

Thank you Frank for your answer. It helped me too! :slight_smile: