Feedback re: Changes to OXID eShop Community Edition license terms

Feedback about our conversation with OXID eSales CEO Henry Göttler and Partner Manager Domenico Mercuri about the new license terms for the OXID eShop Community Edition:

  • The new conditions apply from the date described. Independent of the version number of the store. (So even if someone uses 4.3.x or 4.4.x)

  • 111 Euro are user fees, without support / warranty / liability

  • All customers who use CE are therefore obliged to contact OXID eSales.

  • The 111 Euro are not for enrichment, but rather to approach OXID proactively.

  • In individual cases, OXID can also turn a blind eye to 111 euros. For example, for non-profit associations, non-profit organizations, etc. (In individual cases to be agreed with OXID eSales).

  • A list of eSS modules is prepared.

  • Own modules can be added to the eSS list, provided industry standard quality. (Please approach OXID eSales for this).

  • Modules that are similar to PE or EE features e.g.: Visual CMS or improved caching can still be used, but OXID is interested in a full feedback loop here to:

  • Improve their own product / ecosystem.

  • To be able to transfer your modules also towards the eSS module list.

  • I, for example, have written a really good CMS system that outshines VCMS by a long way. That’s ok so far, but OXID is of course interested in something like that and would like to put it on the eSS list to add value for everyone and not only for a few (to be discussed on a case by case basis).

  • I decided to use Redis as centralized caching for OXID and as centralized session handling. This does not conflict with the HA option from the OXID EE as it uses a different technology. Again, OXID would be interested in moving it towards eSS. More advantage than disadvantage for us.

  • Agencies can therefore get “eSS” listed, I consider this an advantage.

Core File Changes:

  • If something can’t be customized modularly, or you can’t get to a place modularly at all, you can’t get around a Composer patch.
  • OXID will probably exclude the Composer patches from this clause (will be checked internally).
  • Also with Composer patches the feedback is important to OXID, why did we have to patch, why did we not get to this place modularly… (keyword: improvement of the software).

Own bugfixes, or fixes that we integrate for the 100th time:

  • Feedback to OXID, of course we can fix bugs ourselves but how should OXID realize that we have to do this for the 100th time if we don’t write a book entry but do everything in silence.

Usage fee of one OXID CE in multinode cluster:

  • The fee also refers to the domain, not to the number of nodes behind the load balancer. So 1x 111 Euro even if I run 5 nodes.

Can I use OXID CE only for a limited time?

  • Currently this is not planned.
  • There will be a changeover of OXID in general in the future. There will be only 1 stack that can do everything (so also EE features), there will possibly be something like this. But is not yet defined and not yet ready to speak and also does not come with OXID 7.

Many thanks to Netensio for the detailed contribution!

To all partners, colleagues or CE users or customers, if there are any uncertainties beyond that, please contact me [email protected] or [email protected].

Many thanks in advance!
Gerd Kasdorf

Netensios Opinion is contradictionary to the official OXID Statement : CE-Lizenzbedingungen-Update • OXID eSales AG

The Software you use under the GPL Licence can not be withdrawn. In my opinion.
OXID makes the confuse situation even worse at the moment.