Filtering Variants by attributes in Category


We have bunch of entries in the bugtrack related to the same topic:

  • Filtering Variants by attributes in Category.


These changes would affect general parts in eshop - as it would require displaying Variant articles in list, and up until now - only parents were displayed. Means - it will require more and important changes in core part of the shop.

So we think - best would be to prepare some small concept from all shop view, to have a vision how it should work in general (maybe including also new features, like filter over entire shop, etc.).

Please write your ideas here about this functionality - how it should behave, how it can be improved, what new features can be implemented, etc.

Any feedback is welcome :wink:

It would make more sense to post this in the German forum in German language. Guess, you would get more input for it.


Sorry, but I don’t speak nor understand in German language. So I started this discussion here. Also I think this is a good place for gathering feedback from international market.
But, if somebody would open a forum thread in the German branch and would post the feedback from there here - I would appreciate.

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Requirements for solving these issues will be collected in feature request entry:

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