First Category (_left.tpl) open, why ?

[Community Edition 4.2.0_23610]

dear all,

i have a strange problem, at the admin-interface

Master Settings -> Core Settings -> Settings -> Active Category at Start

nothing is set.
but in the frontend, the first category is open with all its subcats…

any idea what to do, to see all cats closed ???

thank you for any help!!

Hello Micha,

I guess, if you did not set any category as active, the first available would appear in front end. Can you affirm that?


i will check that but how is it possible to start with all closed at the frontend ???


well, you could unassign the active category…


i don´t really know how that works, but in fact the magic was a setting under performance tab: do not load all categories… now all cats are closed when i open the site…

thank you!


right, I didn’t have that in mind. The performance tab is tricky sometimes.
Thanks for your feed back!