Flyer Exchange Network for your eshop!

Dear All,

I would like to introduce to you the new Flyer Exchange Network for eshop, freelancers and advertisers. On our network you can exchange your “Give Aways” with other eshop owners that have the same target group. With three clicks you can start an “Exchange Campaign” and gain new visitos to your website. is very easy to use and it creates Win-Win Situations.

Through our Network you will decrease huge advertisement costs, the search for partners, headaches about how to gain new customers and increase brand awareness.

thank you very much for your consideration

best regards

Hi Inshipments,
I personally can see potentials although it is probably not a brand new idea :wink: Don’t you guys want to provide a module for connecting your services to OXID eShop? This module could be uploaded to OXID exchange


Ich stimme mit Marco. Dienst ist die wichtigste.

“Die wichtigste” was?

I will make attempt thank you, and while I use services of other company which very deservingly helps to increase sales and conducts market of commodities analyses.