Freetext as an attribute?

Hi everybody,

As I am going to sell configurable Goods (like t-Shirtprinters or coffeecup-dealers do) a free-text field as an attribute would be necessary. Something like this is already implemented in ZenCart (my actual shopbase) or in xtc. I think, it should be also available for my new heroe oxid … :wink:

Thank you, jens

Hi Jens,

this is funny as my preferred cart system before was ZenCart as well :slight_smile:

Your requested feature is already implemented:
Call up an article in your admin area, switch to tab “Extended” and insert “details_persparam.tpl” into the field “Alt. Template”. Save and call up the altered article in your shop front end. There you shall see how it works.

This so called “persistent parameters” are dragged through the complete checkout process and are shown in your order as well.

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Operator
OXID eSales AG

Hi Marco,

Thank you for your advice, wich solved this concern completely.


ps.: “One more thing …” about the change from ZenCart to Oxid-CE: As I am still running a live zenCart-shop, handy and pretty good customizable, the backend there comes to its limits. That’s why I was seaching an alternative and, well, luckily found Oxid ;))