Frontend Article rendering

Hi Everyone,

I have a query regarding the frontend.
I want to implement a new function which will show the user specific product to user after verifying the user’s interest and feedback. The job of function is that it will identify the products and makes a list of product. Now query is that How I can render it to the frontend. The category tree is not suiteble from backend. Some advise will be helpfull.

Thanks in advance.

You will need a custom controller class and a tempalte file for the actual rendering. Best way to process user inpuits would be submitting a form with the name you your controller class as “cl” paremter and the name of the function for precessing data as “fnc” parameter, like here:

this way, your controller will be initialized, then your function will be called and finally the render() function to render template file and send it to browser

Thanks @vanilla_thunder. That helps.

One more question I have is that, if I am asking user to upload their image, How to handle it to store in the database and the directory created for user image? As oxutil class has some methods which handles only image for category. or I have to create different class to handle the image?

since its your own function and it is not used anywhere else in the shop, you can keep it in your controller.

@vanilla_thunder, Thanks again for suggestion.