GDPR translation

Hi Guys, I need your help. If I translate GDPR opti module to my language the shop is not working. There is only a blank screen. I created the directory ‘cs’ with the file oegdproptin_cs_lang.php (I renamed oegdproptin_de_lang.php file and translated the phrases). What I’m doing wrong? Thank you for your help!

probably there is some quotation mark mismatch in your custom php file with translations.
Webserver error log might contain some more informations.

This is so strange. The translation of GDPR modules in admin area works but the accented letters like ě,š,č,ř are not shown correctly. I have question marks ‘?’ instead of these letters.

There is problem with character encoding.
the first rows of translation array contains the charset, it should be utf-8
And also in your editor you should be able to choose the file encoding, it might be something like utf8, Latin, windows1225.
Make sure to select utf8

these characters can be encodedet with e.g:

ě -> &e caron;
š -> &s caron; …
(and so on without space inside)

It is fixed now, The files were not encoded in utf-8 format. Thank you very much.

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