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I have a quick question. I’ve been messing around with this for a while but cannot find a solution.

On this page, you see the main category "Wohnen"

Within the Wohnen category, there is the sub-category “Uhren”. It is possible in the admin-area to assign an [B]icon[/B] and a [B]picture[/B] to this sub-category.

If an icon is assigned, it will appear on the Wohnen page (see Screenshot 1).
Clicking on “Uhren” will take you to the Uhren category page, where the category [B]picture[/B] is displayed (i.e. the clock, see Screenshot 2).

All these images are generated from code in list.tpl

Icon: <img src="[{$category->getIconUrl() }]" alt="[{ $category->oxcategories__oxtitle->value }]">

Picture: <img src="[{$actCategory->getPictureUrl()}]0/[{ $actCategory->oxcategories__oxthumb->value }]" alt="[{ $actCategory->oxcategories__oxtitle->value }]"><br>

My question: Instead of showing the icon on the Wohnen page (i.e. the fluffy frog), we would like to display the [B]picture[/B] of the clock instead. I have tried copying the code to the correct position, but it just gives out the folder name and not the filename. I have no idea why I cannot read out this image from this position…

…does anyone have an idea how we can do this? I have a bad feeling that I’m missing something very easy…

Thanks and regards

Dave Holloway

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This should help you:

Brilliant! Thank you! It works!

[QUOTE=leofonic;24995]This should help you:[/QUOTE]

link down :\

i need to load this getPictureUrl too, but cant get rid of it.

maybe set it hard in the list.tpl?

<img src="[{$actCategory->getPictureUrl()}]master/category/thumb/[{ $actCategory->oxcategories__oxthumb->value }]" alt="[{ $actCategory->oxcategories__oxtitle->value }]">

found it here: