Global Change for 0.00$ to $0.00


Is there a way to change all references to currency from putting the ‘$’ sign at the back of the amount to placing it in front of the amount? If not there are many pages that would require changing. In North America and in Australia and many other countries expressing money as $1.99 instead of 1.99$ is very normal. Even if there is “AUD$” 00.00 it would be better.


NHWS (aka Don_in_OZ)

this is a known problem and no easy task, as currently there are many places to adjust this

You can use the NA-shop package to accomplish this. Note that this change affects many templates and also requires the extension of core classes for a complete global fix. The NA-shop package does all this. You can either install the whole package and configure in admin as desired (easy), or just pick and choose the files/modules you want (advanced).

PS. I just updated the package to 4.5.11.

If you have any specific questions regarding the package: [email protected]

Thanks for this tip my friend. We have in the meantime searched out and change the code manually (alot of work) but have survived. We are currently using the latest version of OXID.

I am interested in a PayPal module that will work in OXID in Australia and I will message you separately about this.