Got confused by the 4.0 Template Structure need a hint

First things first - well done - the 4.0 its faster, nicer and GPL3 :slight_smile:

I am not programmer or php pro - so i have not much experience / know how about smarty, css and html and i am not really “in” programming. Anyhow i had my little success with the previous version. I used the 3.1. Demo Version some month before and made a demo for a bookstore, where the “Vendor” was replaced with “Author” . I found and added the field also into the list.tpl for beeing showed as well in the category lists.

I could easily find the the place where i could add the code to display the and grabbed the co de from the details.tpl.

How to add the field “manufacturer” to Category (or search) listing (again in List TPL ? )

Working some days now with the new 4.0 i am slightlyl confused the list.tpl and details.tpl it looks much different and more complex and i am not really shure where to “grab” the code in the details.tpl. ( I gambled a littel with the code but i fear i break it)

Also i am slightly uncertain which TPL Directory is the active one ?

anybody out there to give reach out a helping hand ?



Hi Max,

whether I understood it correctly, you

  1. re-named vendors into authors and
  2. moved the drop-down field from its original position on lefthand side to the list view.

Right, to re-name stuff, have a look at the lang.php in /basic/de/.
To move the drop-down field, go to /basic/tpl/_left.tpl and copy the block you need (see if lines 17-25 works for your needs, not sure…) and paste it into the right place in /basic/tpl/list.tpl.

Shall work like this.

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Operator
OXID eSales AG

Hello Marco,

Big Thanks !

The renaming worked well. !

Only the second item i might misseled you.
I try to express myself better.

I want to add into any “List” e.g. from a Search also “the field wich indicates in the English Version the Manufacturer”.In our case its now the author.

In the Detail View it is standard wise displayed, but not in Search or Category lists.

My Wish - if this is possible also in 4.0, can I add this field for “LIST” Displays in general ?
So the books can be searched and show the Title and the author (manufacturer)?
Same idea - if i go for the list of items by clicking on any “category”. e.g. “Classic Novells” i got a list displaysed without the field for the manufactorers (only title price etc.) , only if i click on the item i got the details with this field displayed.

I found in the previous version the place in the list.tpl to change. In 4.0 i got lost a litte.
Would be a great Help if you could help me on this question too, i tried an broke my installation meanwhile (no problem i had a backup) …


Hi Max,

ok, think I finally got it.
You will find the code you are looking for in details.tpl round line 80-99. Copy the part you need. Go to list.tpl -> here you find some files included, amongst /inc/product.tpl. This is where you have to copy your code to.

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Operator
OXID eSales AG

Hello Marco - i get closer -

I found in details.tpl the lookup of the Vendor e.g. [{ $oVendor->oxvendor__oxtitle->value}] wich works in the details context.

I put it into the right position in product.tpl, but it shows nothing.

I testwise used some field content from an other place (vendorid Number)

So the line was
[{ oxmultilang ident=“DETAILS_PERSPARAM_MANUFACTURER” }] [{ $product->oxarticles__vendorid->value }] [{ $oVendor->oxvendor__oxtitle->value}]

AUTHOR: 68342e2955d7401e6.18967838

So i can extract the ID of the Vendor but i am dull to know how to lookup now in the oxvendors table to get the right “title”

Since i am not experienced (and i know this is not a Smarty or PH P Tutorial ) - last time to ask - (i hope more people can benefit from the answer)

txs meanwhile


Hello Marco

i got the solution from a PHP Pro.

If you use this SMARTY TAG

[{getv v=$product->oxarticles__oxvendorid->value }]

you can read the right DB Value also inside the ./inc/product.tpl