Gutschein Error

While generating Gutschein-Series, this error has consistently shown.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 45 bytes) in /home/originis/www/core/oxbase.php on line 1207

You will have to raise you memory_limit option in your php.ini - if this does not help there is some kind of bug in that script that does some very ugly processing.

Allowed memory size right now is 134MB - not sure how much more I should advisably increase :wink:

This does seem like a bug. Haven’t tested yet on the latest 4.3.1 though.


how many coupons you tried to generate, a trillion? :slight_smile:
In fact, in respect of the server memory limit, the coupons shall be written in ticks but as we switched to downloadable file instead of writing to the server I don’t know how this should be resolved. Any ideas welcome. As a work around, you could set the memory limit just for this purpose to 200M and set it back after you finished.


Well marco, how about writing them block wise to files and combining those at the end - i think this would work also for a zillion coupons :slight_smile:

Nice idea. I am not really concerned if it really works and is suitable like this. Doing stuff “tick-wise” is a good proposal in cases like this, isn’t it?

That’s actually a good idea. We had 2 instances where we were faced with this situation for customers. Both had to do with export of table-data, once for a sitemap-xml file and once for exporting order data of some 40K records from multiple tables (read tables, write CSV).

Boy did that 2nd one kill the server :stuck_out_tongue:

In both cases a multi-loop approach definitely makes sense.

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