HELP: New server, transfer shop, blank pages

Hi all,

I have a major problem. I’m trying to copy the shop to a new server at the same hosting-partner, following the instructions, but all i get are empty white pages, no matter if frontend or admin login, nothing is displayed, just white pages.

The customer is using the version: 4.6.5

So what i did:

  • Backup of database without tables with previx “oxv_”
  • install same shop version on new server (checked, running)
  • upload sql file form backup
  • upload files from old shop without config, htaccess and temp-folder
  • … from now on all i get are empty pages. But after i try to access forntend the temp-folder is filled.

I realy dont know what to do now. Does anyone ever got the same problem or is there anyone who has an idea what i can check and try?

Is it important to switch of the shop before database backup? This is the only thing i couldnt do, because i got login for old and enw server and databases, but no login to old shop to switch of, so i tried without. But i think this realy cannot be the problem.

Also the new server-account got the same settings, nothing realy changed, just another account on same server.

So please, i am realy thanksfull for any help or advice!

thank you in advance!

Maybe something needs views, in this case you can add $this->blSkipViewUsage = true; to, log into backend and recreate views, then delete the line in

/tmp deleted?


i tried adding the line to the config file, no changes … the temp-folder is still there.

One corection: the temp-folder is not filling up when i visit frontend starting page which is still just blank … so confusing. … any other ideas? please …

You can switch off modules with following SQL:

Hi leofonic,

thank you, deleting the modules works for frontend. I add them to the database again afterwards and it still works … BUT for the admin-page I still have a blank white page only, no login, nothing … do you or anyone else have a solution or idea? thank you so much for the tipp about the modules. I realy hope that i will make the admin-page work too … with your help and feedback. kind regards!

I would suggest not to re-add the module entries until backend works. Did you clear all caches, tmp Folder, Browser Cache and Cookies? Also check whether required encryption modules are present on the new server in case you are using enrypted modules.

Hi leofonic,

i deleted all the modules again, same with the files inside the temp-folder and used another browser where the page is never cached before and cookies are not stored, opening the admin-page first, but it is still blank without login.

You wrote about another cache than the browser-cache. What exactly do you mean?

how about deleting all the extra modules on admin panel like we did for frontend, or is it the same database entry? … I am still trying to find a solution for the problem of the admin-white-page … realy hope you or someone can help me out!

If you still can’t get rid of the white page you could start again and look step by step what is causing the white page.

  • install shop version 4.6.5 and verify backend is working
  • delete whole db and import your own
  • delete module entries, clear tmp, add the blSkipViewUsage line to
  • try backend again

if it works now you can copy your modules one by one and theme.

ok, thank you, i will try this now …

can you help me with one question: if i have to install the shop new without the old datas and the database thumb, is there a way to copy only the products and content to the new shop without any modules or extras? if this would be possible i could continue with new shop and than add the modules afterward steo by step. But to do so, i need a solution how to copy only the content (i will open a new thread for this question). Would be so great if you or anyone else can give me feebback or support on this. Thank you so much for all your help and advice, you help me a lot, hopefully being successfull in the end ;-)) thank you!!

If you leave out oxconfig, oxconfigdisplay and oxtplblocks you should get all data without the modules.
You should also transfer out/pictures to get article images.

ok, i will try, thank you so much for your support. lets see if it works …