Help showing Products in slider format

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The products on my shop are showing in list format. I want to show it in a slider format. Is there any option in admin panel where I can do that?? Or I’ve to make it by myself?? For understanding my question you can visit

2nd question is…If I’ve to make it by myself then is there any hint or any help from where I can see and make it…Please your answer is really appreciated…


No, you have to solve it yourself

In the OXID eShop Default Themes you can choose between Double grid, Grid and List format in the admin under -> Extensions -> Themes -> Theme Settings Tab -> Display

The customer can normally select the showing format.

You have to analyse the code of your customer Theme from the structure of the Themes mostly the same. You can find the types of list under /Application/views/your-customer-theme /tpl/widget/product/.


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Hi @indianer3c

Thanks for the quick reply… Thank you so much

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