How do I work with smarty variables in Oxid

I am trying to do some arithmetic in smarty as I know it from another project but it does not seem to work here.
What is wrong in this code?

[{assign var=“tmpjvl” value=$product->getMinPrice()}]
[{assign var=“tmpjvl2” value="’(1.2 * $tmpjvl)’"}]
[{oxprice price=$tmpjvl2 currency=$oView->getActCurrency()}]

the line in the middle breaks the code.

I want to present the netprice - the price and the vat.

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just in case your german isn’t as good as our, have a look at this:

WOW Danke!

so schnell so viel Hilfe! in diesen Links
Vielleicht nutzt das andere Projekt eine andere (alte) Version von Smarty, da funktionierte es so wie beschrieben. Oxid ist halt doch professioneller.


PS, I am dutch and live in Austria so german is no problem neither is english.


Please note that oxid has customized smarty - e.g. code braces, reduced core functionality and maybe missing plugins. So smarty sample code from the web might not work wirh oxid if just try a 1:1 copy or derive a logic from there.

Basically oxid doesn’t want math operations in templates but strictly requires certified module vendors to handle things like that in related php files.

However math works very well in oxid templates if you take time enough to learn oxid smarty"slang". Sometimes it’s pretty tricky to make smarty math code run in oxid templates.

PS: Smarty is nightmare for Newcomers.