How long does it take the average member to set up OXID 6.4 in Demo mode (before adding stock)

I am paying a web developer by the hour to handle much of the website issues and I wish to be fair when discussing ‘‘money caps’’. Thanks - Don

Hey Don,
long time no see mate… An experienced developer with everything properly prepared (enironment etc) would need ~10 mins at a proper Internet connection.

The crucial thing here is “with everything properly prepared”. Installation itself takes about 10 minutes. But, in order to install, the webspace needs to be ready for installation, so if you have a newly created webspace some things have to be configured and composer may have to be installed. This only has to be done once and takes about 1-3h.

Experience shows that there are always little things that are stopped and clarified. I miss the aspect that programmers with OXID experience deliver better and faster results than a rookie. An experienced programmer will also consider more things than a beginner. Ultimately, this is about trust.

Thanks for the good advice gentlemen. It is always good to know how long the exspurts require to set a new installation up and then compare it to estimates that a beginner proposes. :wink:

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