How to add different price?

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I want to add 3 types of dealer and 1 type for customer, and also want to add admin option to set different product price for all 3 dealers & customer, how can i achieve in OXID? so on front end, i can see 3 prices for dealers & 1 price for customer ?


you can use the “alternative prices” feature:

Thanks for the quick reply, i want to it add it for CONFIGURATOR, please check attach screenshot of admin

unfortunately selectable options do not support multiple prices.
While it can be accomplished by customizing OXID’s functions, you will need someone with good OXID knowledge and programming skills to make the required changes.

If you can work with % surcharges instead of absolute, then you still could use alternative prices for the base product.

Thanks for quick reply!!
i am programmer but new with OXID, How can i customize those functions

you will have to create a module, that extends that one method, that calculates the absolute oder % price surcharges and add custom logic for handing additional prices

Thanks !

I will check with same.