How to add new language

How to add a new language on
Where Is the button to do so?

Thank you.


Hello sieg01,
the admin has to do it = me :slight_smile:


Hello Marco!

[QUOTE=Marco Steinhaeuser;132799]the admin has to do it = me :)[/QUOTE]

Ok, go for it. Some action must be taken. :smiley:

[QUOTE=Marco Steinhaeuser;132799]Suomi?[/QUOTE]


Could you also pls change @ the same time: hr to hr_HR


Hi sieg01,

got some requests/annotations as we shall follow some rules with that. And yes, I know that rules can be different in different cultures :slight_smile:

First is the locale. Your write: please change it to hr_HR and initialize fi_FI. I would have installed just fi regarding to the norm Zend framework gives to us:

Finnish is spoken in Finland as a main language as well as in southern Sweden and Russia by minorities. Instead of dividing it from the beginning, I’d rather use fi for general Finnish language, copy it later in case some terms are different in order to get the translations done for the entire language. Can you agree with it?

Please know that installing this language is actually an easy thing but rewriting the locale takes a bit more effort (folders will be generated by this, still manual work to do etc…)

Next is the name of this language. “Suomen kieli” is the name I found in Wikipedia (see right hand side at the top). This article is translated into “Suomi” with the tool tip “Suomen kieli”. You write “Suomeksi”. What is right? :slight_smile:

And dear - I saw that you were hell busy last night and this morning translating nearly 750 keys into Hrvatsi (Croatian). This is very much, thanks a lot!


Hi Marco,

to make it short: Go with fi and Suomi, let hr as it is.

You didn’t term the others “deutsche Sprache” or “English language” or “hrvatski jezik” … on your HP.
So, “Suomen kieli” = “finnische Sprache” - don’t use that. :wink:

As there is de_in I would suggest that one day, you should also provide hr_in for the same reasons as de_in exists.

All the best



diddly done. You’re already assigned :wink: