How to add own html and php code

I also work just locally on a OXID eShop for me.
I wanted to try to add to the “select an adress” process (Step 2) see Picture a Select menu to add the content from the MySQL database select the contents with php and mysql and after the order or within the order process, insert this information into the databse.
Because I am completly a newbie in OXID eShop and the programming language used for developing OXID, i need imidiatly your help.
I would be very grateful, if you could help me and look forward to your answer.

Note: I am using the Community Edition Version 4.9.0 :slight_smile:

you should read some tutorials spreaded all over the internet and have a loot at other open source modules. There are also some articles in oxid wiki.
The best way to learn oxid is to look at the oxid own code (by the way, its php) and understand how it is working.

[B]@vanilla thunder:[/B]
But the question about why i ask people of this forum is not because I’m too lazy to read the wiki or search the web but I ask helpful people for help because I readed the wiki, I searched in the web but either I haven’t found anything suitable or I didn’t realy understand it.


Do I see at least a bit of sarcasm here? :slight_smile:

Look, you can’t simply use HTML and/or PHP in the template files. OXID is using Smarty as a template engine. Especially for your needs you’ll obviously have to have a module in order to add functionality. Maybe this is interesting for you:,6/search_type/and/order/default/

Avoid to adapting core and original template files!

@vanilla_thunder: this is just another prove that an appropriate documentation is missing, remember @indianer3c’s last post. Where to start, where to end? :wink:


its nice to know, that your are not to lazy to read wiki. But your post “i have no idea about that magic stuff OXID is made from, but i need this, this and this, How to do that?” sound exactly as you were to lazy even to install oxid and have a look at the code to find out that the magic stuff its made from is php.

Are you sure, you have read the tutorials? The very first tutorial on sitepoint tells you about the basics, the template engine and extending oxid with modules. If you don’t understand them, you should play with lego or build a sandcastle

@Marco Steinhaeuser:
[I]No, I’m more against sarcasm.
But I think it’s just a shame to get such answers when anyone ask people for advice or help … But well, everyone must distinguish this by itself.[/I]

[B]Thank you for your help. [/B]
I looked at the website you have recommended to me.
Unfortunately there is nowhere how I have to change the order forms… adding more elements to the original form and save the values in the database… or I really don’t understand anything… :S