How to add VAT in the admin panel


I need to add 5% VAT . At the admin side under Master settings->Core settings->settings-> VAT, i have added 5 in the input field. But unfortunately it is not reflecting on the front page.

Can Anyone please help me to solve this issue. I need to show the vat amount in the shopping cart and order page. Need to be applicable on B2C. So i think there is no use with the VAT ID.


how is this question related to developers forum?
Are you running a b2b shop and trying to add vat only for b2c customers, to have both b2b and b2c in same shop?
Or something like that?

Both b2b and b2c in same shop

you will probably need to overwrite this function:
it decides wherever user should see prices excl or incl vat.
Alt let your shop customers to chose if they are b2b or b2c customers

Thank you for the reply. If it is b2c only, then also the above mentioned functioned should be overwrite or is there anything to change in the admin side only?

for b2c only you just need to decide if prices should include vat and configure all vat-related options like “
Enter Product Prices as Net Prices (plus VAT)” and “Show net prices in frontend (B2B)” in master settings -> core settings -> system -> VAT


Thank you for the reply.
Ihave configured all VAT related option Master settings->core settings->settings->VAT at admin side and have called the value in the front end. but still it is not showing in the front end.


which value do you mean?
OXID shows brutto prices like here:

the particular vat is only calculated and visible in checkout:

I have same problem. VAT is set 21, but the particular vat is’nt calculated and visible in checkout:

Perhaps this can help you?

We found the problem. Need to pay attention to Spec. VAT in Products and Categories.