How to get md5 work after update to oxid ce


I have updated my oxid CE Version to in the changelogs there is an option so the software can handel from now md5 hashes and salt. But how can i mange the md5 hashes or did the software change the old md5 hashes from the password to the sals hashes. I will now it, because my old customer from the xtc system are use md5 as Password and oxid uses salt. In the Update was no information about using md5 bevor salt or only use salt or md5. Can anybody help


This update is fully backwards compatible - old style encoded and plain passwords are not changed and works the same as it worked before.

The generation goes this way now:
md5( $sPassword . $myConfig->getConfigParam( ‘sPasswdSalt’ ) );

SALT is unique for each shop installation and is generated while installing new or updating shop.

I.e.: If you want to take over md5 hashed passwords, best way would be to import and to write a module that handles them.


Marco Steinhäuser
Community Operator
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