How to get the Basic-Theme back in Version 4.7.1 PE?

Hello and Happy New Year to all!

I need to get the Basic-Theme (and a child-theme) back up in Version 4.7.1 (PE) but I’m a little bit lost. I copied the folder from the old installation in the “out”-folder of the new installation, but neither the old basic-theme nor the child-theme are showing up in the backend. Just noticed that the theme.php file for azure is not there anymore. Some structural changes there?

I’ve found this information:“Die Template-Dokumentation befindet sich im Update-Paket und unterteilt sich in /templ_docu_application_views_admin, /templ_docu_application_views_azure und /templ_docu_out_azure.”

Where would I find these files? Oxid seems to be a nice shop-system, but I’ve really difficulties to find a place where the documentation is gathered in a structured way for the current version. There seems to be all bits of Information flying around somewhere. But this Information is not valid for that version and for this info you must look there … and so on. For someone new its a bit hard. But maybe thats just me … :slight_smile:

Anyways … your help is very much apreciated. Thanks a lot!



maybe you’re looking for this one:


Hello Marco,

thank your for this one, but that does not help showing up the themes. Looks like I’ve found the solution here:

Under “Update manually” it states, that the files for the themes are now split in two different locations: [shop_path]/out/ and [shop_path]/application/views

Now to the adaption of the files!

Thanks again for the help!