How to make an update

Okay I am a oxid-newby and I am German - but maybe this is a question interesting for all beginners! How do I make an update in the right way! In my case I wanted to update from 4.2 to 4.3 Community Edition - the information on the website says there is an install.html for every update - but I only get the full 4.3 Zip-File an there is NO install.html in it.

My first tought was to overwrite all 4.2 files with the files from the 4.3 zip but after this the shop doesn’t work because the mysql-tables changed too and 4.3 files and 4.2 mysql tables are not compatible.

So I thought maybe I unzip the files and start the setup - but there is only the possibility to install the shop (not to update) and after the main steps I can only choose between install the demo-data or not - means the old data was deleted! There is no way to update the tables but keep the content!

Okay I installed without demo-data - all my mysql data (articles, categories) were lost, so I tried to installed a backup of my database-content but because of the changed tables the old content doesn’t fit into the new mysql-tables!

So my question: what do I have to do, to make the update in the right way!
Thanx for help - Cheers

Okay - think I found the answer by myself!
There is a website with update-packages only:

:wink: Thanx for letting me discover this

May it would help if this link is mentioned on the Download Site for the 4.3 Release!

Have you already found the manual and the posting who to upgrade. This also helps a lot.

There is another interesting think to discover for you, if you are german. The German section of the forum :smiley: