How to pass query parameters after redirect with account controller

I have question…
i have some link

“mycontroller” is extended with AccountController. If user execute this link with not log-in state, oxid will redirect him to login page. Then user needs to login and oxid redirect him another time to this link but without my additional “param1”. Is any smart option to pass this param too?

Thanks a lot.

Hi walldemar,

I don’t know what you are going to achieve, but there are several options to do this, e.g. session.

i know i can use session… but i think it is not elegant way to do this. I thought there is some ready flag, param, method to do this.

Maybe i will write step by step how it works…

  1. My module generates link with unique token and send it to each user. For example:
  2. User (not logged in) open mail and click in this link.
  3. This link is extended with AccountController (access only for logged in user).
  4. User after click is redirect to oxid login form
  5. Oxid remember previous (referer) address and after correct login redirect user to the address: but without my special param (token).

I thought there is some feature with which i can add the name of my param and oxid will automaticlly return it in step 5 (maybe in some special array or variable).

You can extend the user controller or user class too. Where the login is processed. So you can check for your parameter and append it to the redirected url.

in finally result i made it with session. thanks for reply