How to prepare test data for OXID?

Hi again,
I would like to know your opinion about preparing test data for selenium test or manual testing.

I am thinking about:

  • normal products
  • products with variants
  • assigning products to group
  • users
  • assigning users to group
  • discounts
  • etc.

My plan is that I would like to prepare for ex. SQL file or something and INSERT (append to existing db) all data on TEST/STAGING server after new release deployment.

Generate manually INSERTS and get all related data from other tables would be painful work :slight_smile:

Any other ideas?

Maybe you can use oxrun GitHub - OXIDprojects/oxrun: Oxrun provides a cli toolset for the OXID eShop v6.x

thanks I will test it but I think I can just anonimize whole data table with this tool.

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