How to publish module in to the oxid exchange marketplace

Hello everyone,

I have developed the custom module for the Oxid6 shop and need to upload this module to the Oxid exchange marketplace. Anyone, please share your guidance or any documentation link for this, as any standard procedures should follow for upload(like coding standard, unit test, etc.) ?

Thanks in advance.

Are you sure, you really need to upload your module to the marketpalce?

You dont have to publish your module in oxid’s marketplace in order to make it installable via composer, for this purpose you have to register new account on

Yes. Already i have the custom module composer installation but still i want to publish the module into the marketplace.

Looks like the new Oxid store is only available in german. At least I could not switch the language to english.
Basically you just register new Account and check the “I want to register as a vendor and offer my modules” checkbox. Give it a try with regular Google translator.