How to raise/reduce prices for choosen article options


I am new to OXID eShop, and I have a problem with creating an article with 3 options if every option touches the price of the product.


Product: Software License - Price 10,00

Option 1: Use it on 1, 2 or 3 Computers = +0,00 (same price), +5,00 or +10,00

Option 2: Use it for 1, 2 or 3 years = +0,00 (same price), +8,00 or + 16,00

Option 3: Reduction none or student = 0% (same price) or -50%

The System have to calculate article price + price option 1 + price option 2 = subtotal. this subtotal - reduction is the price for the customer.

I tried to use categories, but nothing happens if I choose an option. I tried variants, and they worked, but there is no % system, and I had to define every variant per hand. So I don’t think, that variants are the right way for me.

Any ideas?

you need to switch multimensional variants on and than create select lists like you said: one for amount of PCs, one for how many years the customer wants to use your software.
than include this lists into the variant list of your product and set prices
but i am not sure about the third option =( i have to think about it

check here for more informations about multidimensional variants:

I think you don’t need variants, you only need selection lists (Administer Products/Selection lists). You can define Surcharge/Discount there, and assign products. Then one more step: Master Settings/Core Settings/Performance, activate “Support Price Modifications by Selection Lists”.