How to reduce VAT in OXID eShop from July till December

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VAT in Germany will be reduced from July till December 2020. Read this blog post to learn how to achieve that in OXID eShop and how to automate it.

Hi Marco,
thank you für the information and the nice module from d3. This helps a lot :slight_smile:

In one thing i think you are wrong. The crucial thing for the VAT in Germany is the point of service and not the time of the order. For the prices it also always depends if it is a B2C or B2B contract. The problem ist, these dates do not match and the time of delivery (Leistungszeitpunkt) is not clear when you order.

Till now, it is just a agreement, i think the details will be more clear when it passes the bundestag and bundesrat (or later, as usual.)

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Hi to all!

The problem is with B2C-Shops because there are all product prices are entered in brutto (incl. VAT). Instead, you have to change all product prices and that is costly.

The solution for our customers is to create a discount for all products. This saves you work and at the same time shows the customer that you have reduced the prices by 3%.



Hi mediaworker,
you posts follows the optimistic expectations of some people. You don´t have to reduce prices! If you do nothing, it is also ok. (Besides the marketing effect.)
In the B2C segment, we live in a world including the vat (Brutto). So the people buy a item for a fixed price and do not have to care about the vat. Also the contract is about the price they paid.
It is also not the 3%. In reality, the discount is only 2,5%. The basis of the calculation must be 119 and not 100.

Thanks mate. I took that part off; am not a tax adviser :wink: