How to Remove Add to cart

Hello there
First of all gj on this awesome Ecommerce
i want to remove the " Add to cart " button under products and remove the whole sale process from site, something more like this : . i know that oxid is an ecommerce which is use to build eshops but considering its lightness / user friendly / perfect admin panel /Compare section / multiple and addable attributes / … its the best choice for me (specially the compare section which is REALLY REALLY important to me and its REALLY REALLY Rare and no i wont use magento, its a lol compared to oxid ) . so should i remove the buttons manually from each page or there is better way to do this ? like a module or something ? or a kind developer ? and if i remove them manually would it cause any problems ? i tried to find the main page generator to play around some codes but came out empty handed -ye im no pro - . so i’d really appreciate some comments here .

No problem, give the articles a stock of ‘0’ and delivery status ‘if out of stock, not orderable’.