How to remove some smarty/html code injected from external oxid module?


I have small doubt again :slight_smile:

I have scenario that one of client has installed “amazon-pay-module” OXID module (GitHub - OXID-eSales/amazon-pay-module: Amazon Pay Module for OXID eShop).
In this module vendor developer extended one of built-in OXID template block “checkout_user_main” without their own custom block (amazon-pay-module/checkout_user_main.tpl at b-6.2.x · OXID-eSales/amazon-pay-module · GitHub).

My goal is to remove somehow this part of code from the view without change their module :smiley: i also don’t want to remove this block from my OXID template, because it’s a OXID block and as we now I could lose some html from other modules.
Code to remove:

Option 1: In that case I always created a new module (ex. “amazon-pay-module-extension”) which extend only “checkout_user_main” block again and brings back original/previous content of this block.
Option 2: Is there any other option to not create special module for that and do it somehow in the OXID template? For example remove this part of code from $smarty object somehow?

or you have any other option to do that?

Thanks for advices!