Icons for Articles are not Generated in '/generated' directory


Hello everyone,

I have a problem with generating the images for Articles.
When I am adding images to the new or existing product, images are uploaded correctly to Admin-Backend and on the server as a Thumbnail, but are not generated in the:
So, if I try to open in the browser with right click, I am getting: 404 Not Found but the path is generated for the image.

Ex. For the product: Test 1, I added an image: test1.png in the admin backend.
The image exists on the server: /out/pictures/master/product/7/test1.png

But, it is not generated and cannot be loaded in the front of the shop but this URL is generated if I try to open the image in a new tab: /out/pictures/generated/product/3/test1.png

Thanks for your help!


Any idea or suggestion?

  1. While uploading image, there is no errors in the log files
  2. I have permissions 777 in the out directory

Thank you.



… means it is the 7th picture for this product.
-> try to load the 1st picture in admin backend and have a look if it is shown in frontend


It’s same for all the images.
No matter if I create a new product or add images to existing one, none of the images will be generated and showed in the front of the shop.
Only will exist in /out/pictures/master/product/1,2,3…/test1.png

Shop version is 4.10 and theme is custom made.

I must mention that everything was working fine before the migration from one server to another.

Thank you.


sound like there were no writing permissions for out/* folders


do you have access to server logs?
maybe you find there something like:
PHP Warning: getimagesize(https://www.domain.de/out/pictures/master/product/1/test1.png): failed to open stream: Connection timed out in /homepages/28/d231332571/htdocs/tmp/smarty/…morepics.tpl.php on line 25


Weird thing is that while uploading image to admin-backend, the error logs are open but there is no error generated. I tried with that.


All directories for out/* folders are with 777 rights.


[error] 13178#13178: *4818780 directory index of “/home/website/www/out/pictures/generated/product/1/” is forbidden, client: xx.xx.xxx.1, server: www.website.com, request: “GET /out/pictures/generated/product/1/ HTTP/1.1”, host: “www.website.com

This line is in the error log when CRON tried to generate the image.

It means like permissions but as I mentioned, all folders have 777 permissions.

Thank you!


check if:

has subfolders like “300_300_80” (size of generated pictures)


Yes, folders exists.
And also as I mentioned in my first message if the image, for example, is test1.png, it exists in /out/pictures/master/product/3/test1.png

And when I am trying to open generated image with right click, shop knows that it should be in:
the image in a new tab: /out/pictures/generated/product/3/300_300_80/test1.png

But I am getting 404 not found an image not exist in the directory on the server.


check theme settings, size for generated images should be configured there


Yes sizes are configured.
And also, directory exists where shop is trying to find generated image, but it’s not generated.


then i assume it MUST be a writiing permission to subfolders like xxx_xxx_xx


I just checked again, all of the directories have 777 permissions.


which subfolders are there?
do these correspond to the picture sizes given in theme settings?


Well in Theme Settings I have for example for Article Image #1 following settings:
Extra Small (Phones) 569 * 569
Small (Tablets) 569 * 569
Medium (Desktops) 569 * 569
Large (Desktops) 569 * 569

But on the server, directory is:
569_569_75 and 569_569_75_0

Also, I must mention that when I am trying to upload image from FileZilla, it’s visible in the front of the shop.


thats ok. It means: pictures with width: 569px - height: 569px - quality: 75%
contact the developer of your custom made theme or switch to flow


Okay, I’ll do something because this happens after migration from one server to another so I was thinking that maybe the problem is in the server configuration.


Hi guys, did anyone knows for 100% which function is generating images?

Because I was trying to extend class ‘oxdynimggenerator.php’ and call some of it’s functons like _generateImage(), while uploading image, functions from this class are not called.

Also, I was making some tests in shop locally where generating of the images is working properly, and when I am trying to print something inside the _generateImage() function, it’s printed when I am opening image in the new tab. Which means that image is previously uploaded and generated.

Thanks for your help!