If Condition is not Passed in Smarty Template but it should pass


Hi guys,

I faced a really weird problem and don’t have an idea how to solve it because it happens only for the specific products.
The requirement is:
If Retail Price Netto is greater than Product Netto Price, Display the netto price and also the percentage between Retail Price and Netto Price.

And for some specific products I have the following data in the smarty tpl file:

$RRPPriceNetto: 1.166,63
$nettoPrice: 883.29166666667

So, the $RRPPriceNetto should be displayed and here is the condition:
[{if $RRPPriceNetto > $nettoPrice}]
But this condition is not passed.
I tried with replace function, to make equal with empty spaces, commas, and points but without success, the if condition is still not passed.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.



you should use unformatted prices for the calculation:

1166.63 > 883.29