In devloper / non productive mode - disable views and caching

Title says it all really.
Its crazy that i have to install a module, just to delete the tmp every 2 minutes.

  1. Why does oxid not already have a delete tmp anywhere in the admin, seeing as on almost every change you do need to delete it
  2. why can the caching not be turned off in development mode ?

Not that this is not worth thinking about, but which changes do you mean where you have to flush /tmp?

To be honest almost everything, any modules, and read the wiki, basically every change you make anywhere, are followed by the words, empty the tmp folder.
There is a module i use which does the job, i just dont understand why its not already there.
Also it would make life a lot easier if cache was disabled completely when in non production mode.

Yes it says everywhere to clear cache for safety but in fact it is almost never really neccesary with newer versions. You can install/uninstall modules, do everything in backend, and work at templates without clearing cache. It is really needed e.g. when updating language-files or to reset module information completely.

there is a module from d3 for clearing the cache from admin interface. in rare cases it’s needed (had that myself for a few times). but with the module it’s kinda easy.

I know, there is one from wendnet, which i use, just think it would make sense in it being there “out of the box”.

Actually i think it would make more sense, when not in productive mode, that the cache is completely bypassed.

thanks for information

Yes would be great to have a “disable cache” option in Core !

Oxid 4:
Oxid 6: (Just until vt merge it ;D)