Install from source directory


please can you tell me how can I install Oxid eshop 6 from source directory when I download ( it manually?

1.) I must run installation on domain/source
2.) on 5. step if I change paths from domain/source to domain, it changes nothing

I need to install from domain/source, but then run Oxid eshop on domain and administration on domain/admin. How it is please possible? Thank you.

Installation does not differ from manual download to composer installation. In fact, the manual download is also a composer installation. If you want to use the shop productive, i would encourage you to do your own composer compilation locally with same PHP/MySQL as on host and transfer source/vendor to the host prior to running setup.

I would not change paths during setup, because the shop will not be usable if you change paths there until you change your webserver DocumentRoot accordingly.

To run Oxid from domain/ the DocumentRoot of your webserver has to point to directory “source” of your oxid installation.

If you set the correct DocumentRoot prior to running setup, you can start setup from domain/setup and you do not have to change anything more.

If you installed the shop with the DocumentRoot not pointing to “source” directly, you can change this later (not during setup):

  • set DocumentRoot to source directory
  • make writable and change sShopURL (and sSSLShopURL and sAdminSSLURL if present) to domain without “source”.
  • .make .htaccess writable and change RewriteBase to “/”.
  • clear /tmp contents

Thank you for detailed information.