Installation problem step 4

I have been trying to install the shop for the last five days or so… Everytime it stops at step 4 saying that it found OXIDtype tables in the database already, I can choose to overwrite them but nothing happens. It happened the first time on a fresh installation and I have deleted the tables many times but I can not get beyond step 4. After getting stuck my database shows 63 tables. I tried to confige it manually with the help of other threads in this community but I can not get it to work. The most closest I have been is a screen which says…shop is offline ! While in the Tables I have set the shop on active…

It is set up at…what am I doing wrong ?:frowning:

So many views…so little answers …did I say something wrong ? I have searched the whole community but did not find this exact problem…so ? Please help…may be in Dutch German or English Language whatever you choose… :slight_smile:

It’s probably something to do with some configuration at lima-city, so since no one seems to have a shop there, you may have to find out yourself.

Danke Leofonic :slight_smile: Ich verstehe das aber nicht ganz weil es beim installieren anfangt und er in mein leere Database trotzdem 63 tabelle nacher anzeigt. Dann bekomme Ich ein meldung das es schon OXID ähnliches tabelle gibt. Deshalb habe Ich das Forum bagesucht nach eine Lösung das manuel ein zu stellen und habe al diese schritten gemacht. Und dan zeigt er an: Shop is Offline. So soll er nicht auf aktiv gesetzt sein und wenn Ich der Tabelle nachshaue steht er aber auf aktiv.

Zum testen wurde Ich aber nicht mehrere bezahlte Hosts probieren und nacher herausfinden das es auch nicht funktioniert. Ich habe Lima-City ausgewählt weil die am meisten bieten und der richtige PHP version haben, htacces zulassen u.s.w. aber Ich versuche nochmal eine andere Host zu finden und versuche es nochmal zu installieren.

So beim gleiche Host habe Ich jetzt der Installation erfolgreich gemacht ! :smiley:

Was habe Ich geändert:
Ich habe in der erste database alle daten gelöscht und in der zweite wie vorher installiert.
So es gab in die drie databes die Ich habe gar keine Tabelle, deswegen hat er diesmal weiter gemacht denke Ich. Ich habe der Sprache auf English umgestellt beim Installation und beim Host. Und Ich habe der Utf8 von Utf8-general nach Utf8-unicode gemacht.
Keine Ahnung welche schritt das relasiert hat aber das hat funktioniert.

Die directory’s sind richtig gewesen, habe ein Paswort eingegeben und email und könnte zum shop oder Adminbreich gehen.

Leider geht das jetzt nicht, im shop steht Shop is offline und im adminbereich steht:

You don’t have permission to access /dir1/admin/ on this server.

Vielleicht weißt jemand in welche richtung ich das jetzt suchen müß?

Ich bin ja sehr froh wieder ein Schritt weiter zu sein :slight_smile:

Hi vanity,

Sounds pretty much like a nice mish-mash you did with the installation as well as with the langages in this thread…
Please delete the DB as well as the files completely from your server. Define a new DB and upload your files in binary mode again. Start a new installation. What happens?


Yes…it was a mismatch haha…I have been searching all day but I think this host has not all the right requirements to install OXID E-shop. I do not think any free host does… that would be too easy. :wink:
That is why I can not access the shop or the adminpages while the host does not give permission to do that. But I managed to install the whole package three times already but can not get into the admin area because of that.

But it is not easy to find a payed host also if you not a big professional shop owner. I am not, so i am saying up front that I am not a interesting customer to OXID…sorry. :frowning:

But I am still searching, there are some acceptable payed hosts which will work I hope, I had one before but they were not very reliable because they dissapeared taking my whole former shop with them.

I am sure that if I find one the installation will go very smoothly. I have read so much on this forum already that I know what I could be doing wrong.

It would be nice if there is a demo shop somewhere so I can take a look and see if it is not to high fetched for me so I need to think "smaller"haha…:smiley:

But I do have a very nice intropage though,… the only leftover of my former shop :frowning: :


as it is for testing purposes, the VMware should be the right solution for you. When it comes to a payed provider, we have a list of supported providers on our website. Also, providers will probably give you a test account to check wether sys requirements fit or not. Free hosters are sh… in every case :slight_smile:


Yes I know, i experienced the free hosts already, it’ s sad. I speak German by the way too…or Dutch.

But I did find an OXID demoshop somewhere at some host who supports OXID- Eshops:
( I hope it is not illegal, if so, please remove the link.)

and it looks really great ! So I am going to try to get this done…give me some time and I will get there one way or the other…:smiley: Thanks for your help so far… I will be back


not illegal at all but an ancient version: Rev 13934
If you just need a life demo, you’ll find the most recent on this page: