INSTALLED SHOP MODULES - what's mean red, crossed lines?



I have question…
What’s mean red, crossed lines in admin panel in section Extensions > Modules > Installed Shop Modules ?

I thought that it mean that crossed class mean: “there is class which inherit for example OxidEsales\Eshop\Application\Model\Article but module is turned off”.

In my oxid vm it’s work fine, but on online server i have some issue. Module is turned off but oxid throw errors that he can’t find “Article_parent”. Why he is searching it if module is turned off?
On my developer vm there is no so many red, crossed classes.

I cleaned tmp, views, etc. and without any success.

Any suggestions?


before V6 red strike through ment, that this module can not be activated (due its somehow broken, e.g. wrong path or file not exists).
Those modules are usually saved in oxconfig table in row with oxvarname “aDisabledModules”. You need to delete this row to make disabled modules activatable again.

But with v6 i have no idea, especially since modules are installed with composer and their namespaces are registered even if module is not active.


i need to add that i am using OXID 6 EE with subshops. One shop have “module A” truned on and second shop have turned off “module A”. And when i want to use some other module on second shop it throws me that error.