Installproblem oxid - Databaseconnection

i will install a new oxid.
the first step (composer) works fine.
Now i will go to the setup - all is ok and work until the step database

i have a database (connection test is ok, phpmyadmin works and a test from outside the system works also) installed and when i entered the db-name, dbuser and password and klick “next” it works a little while an then i received the error

FEHLER: Keine Datenbankverbindung möglich! - SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory

I have test this with localhost and with - the same problem

The setup will bee not continued

Any Idea whats the problem

does your database server listen to default port 3306?

yes. other application works fine with port 3306 on this server
that’s the crazy thing about the problem

Hi Guys,

thank you.
Problem solved.
The error message was misleading.

On the account was open_basedir restrictions activated an the session /tmp Folder was not correct set

i´ve created a /tmp folder an the installation works.

thank you

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Thanks for the feedback mate!