Issue in latest build OXID_CE_4.0.0.0_14260 when using English Shop frontend

In the English front-end the “* incl. Tax” beside the product price is missing (it’s there in the German front-end) - only in the Product Details page though. Also it seem the VAT (Tax) rate has been stripped out from that link in the footer (please confirm - why - as this is the only reference without calling another page).

-.> Rico

Hi Rico,

not sure if I clearly got what you mean. Throughout the frontend (everything you customer can see) I have got “* All prices incl. tax, plus Shipping” in the footer which seems to be correct for me.
On the product details page, I have “,plus Shipping” behind the price. Oops something missing, he?

Go to /out/basic/en/lang.php and replace



Marco Steinhäuser
Community Operator
OXID eSales AG

Hi Marco,

Figured that much. Just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

-.> Rico