Klarna OXID module

Hello everyone,
i need to integrate Klarna module in my shop, but the ones available in Oxid eXchange are not compatible whit my Oxid version.Are there any other extensions for Oxid 4.6.2 ?
Any help,
Thank you in advance .

OXID eShop 4.6.2 is older than seven or eight years. Update your shop installation.

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Hello Marco, I know that but in the customer shop there are too many modules that works for the current version and changing the OXID version can be a little bit haotic.
Also, the customer is not ready at all to change OXID version and for that I am asking if someone still use this version of the module.

Thanks in advance

I reckon the Klarna module didn’t even exist at this point of time. To clarify it, you may turn to the Klarna support (vendor at OXID eXchange).

And @Kjesasi - believe me, I completely understand your situation and the reasons of your customer behind. However, I promise that it will become even more chaotic once the shop installation of your client is hacked. Since 4.6.2 and today there were a lot of security issues fixed (some of them with high CVSS) as you might see from this overview: https://oxidforge.org/en/security#previous_security_information

It is year 2018, and in case your customer resides in Germany or the EU, there are regulations like GDPR or BSI regulations that claim regular software updates under threat of punishment.

A while ago I felt free to blog about exactly this topic, If you’re interested and need to make a point :wink: