Language, currency and disappearing text problems

Hi everyone, I am new to this and to Oxid and am trying to set up a site using 17976. One of the problems I am having is that despite having set the language to English and deleted the German option, I am still seeing German text in a lot of set-up fields and on my site ( I know the field codes will not change, but this is text. Also, having changed the ‘welcome’ text successfully (using the Create New Content button) it has changed on the store front but gone back to the German text in admin (as is the item title, though the rest on this page are in English!), so if I want to change it again, I have to start all over again - what am I doing wrong?

I also cannot understand the currencies. I have moved GBP to the top of the list and that works (but appears after the amount, not before as I would expect) and the amount shown is not the amount I have entered in the product details. I have set the VAT to 15, but my price is lower than I have set and seems to have no connection whatsoever with the price I have set. I have not set any discounts, any idea where am I going wrong with this.

Also, how do I remove the ‘Reduced from 15.63 £ (Our normal price.)’ on products? I’m about to give up on this if I can’t figure out these problems, can anyone help, as I’m not a sw engineer or a developer! Thanks.

Steve D.

Hi Steve,

did you completely remove the German language or have you just altered the language sorting? Maybe it’s better if you start with the newer version 4.1.0 where we completely changed the language management.

Concerning the currencies in front of the value - check this out:

The “reduced from” comes from the RRP price you may enter in article management -> extended tab.

Hope I could help you.

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
OXID eSales AG

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the quick reply. I am using the latest version, OXID_CE_4.1.0_17976, only downloaded it yesterday, sorry if I reported this wrong last time.

Yes, I removed the German language (in admin), after selecting English, but I still have half of my admin pages in German. Great Britain is shown as [Grossbritannien](javascript:EditThis(‘a7c40f632a0804ab5.18804076’);). In admin/CMS, the first item is ‘[start.tpl Begrüßungstext](javascript:EditThis(‘c4241316b2e5c1966.96997015’);)’ while the second is ‘[user blocked](javascript:EditThis(‘1544167b4666ccdc1.28484600’);)’. How can this be? Do I need to remove the DE files as well or what?

The ‘welcome’ text I inserted is still showing on my home page, but in admin, it still shows the orignal default text and formatting in German! how can that be?

I’ve downloaded the currency sign fix and uploaded it, but there is no GBP option in (Master/Core/Setting) /Shop Front (I have reloaded & logged out/in. but it’s still not there). Am I looking in the wrong place, or do I need to do anything to activate it.

Even if I can get round all this, I still don’t understand the way prices are shown. I have added only one product and set no discounts. The price is set as £20 (for simplicity), but the price shown on the product page (and in brackets next to the product price) is £15.64 (actually it’s still 15.64 £*). Why is this, what is calculating this?

Fixed the ‘Reduced from’ bit by removing RRP price, thanks.

Steve D.

Hi Steve,

Although it has become easier to “turn” Oxid over from the German defaults to English as the primary English (storefront and backend). We have two sites up and running now where we re-worked most of the language options as well as cleaning up some of the English as such. For the display of the currency symbol in front rather than after the price there is a module (template modification) available as well. If you need some help or just want someone to look over your setup drop me a PM.

-.> Rico

Sorry, I don’t understand. As I said, I’ve already installed the currency symbol ‘fix’ and it didn’t work + I’ve no idea what a PM is.

Steve D.

OK, I finally took a really good look at the currencies and worked out that there were conversion rates there, not just formats as I first thought and I have now got the product price correct by deleting all currencies except GBP (I let my payment provider do the currency conversion, as exchange rates change by the day - I had not even thought about having them on the site set-up)

However, I still can’t get the £ symbol in front of the amount. Despite uploading the ‘fix’ for this, I can’t find anywhere to ‘select’ GBP - is this a button (if so, exactly where; on the site, in admin, where?), or do I need to change the format in the currency rates box (I tried, but couldn’t get it to work)?

And still, my admin pages are half German. Any ideas? I tried another install elsewhere and noticed this time that when stage 5 finishes, it goes straight back to stage 2; it doesn’t go to/stop on stage 6 (finished). Could this be the problem and if so, why might it do this?

Steve D.

Hi Steve,

have a look at the demoshop currency buttons in front-end usually appear on top of HOME if there is more than one currency active.
In case you properly installed the above named currency mod, the £ sign shall appear left of the value.

PM - means “personal message”

__________________Marco SteinhäuserCommunity GuideOXID eSales AG

Thanks Marco,

I’ve set up multiple currencies again (working, as the amount and symbol change if I swap the order in admin), but still I don’t have any country flags or currency option buttons showing on the top of the front page. Where are these in the files and why might they not show?

Could this be part of my languages problem, as I still have half-German in my admin pages. Am I going to have to re-install from scratch do you think - I still can’t ge the £ sign in fron of the amount either.


Steve D.

OK, I got the country and currency buttons back (so many options!), but my main problems are still:

  1. Half-German admin pages (VERY confusing and impossible for me to understand how to set anything up). Any ideas how to fix this?

  2. £ sign still not on left of amount. I have downloaded/uploaded the mod files for this, but it made no differecne at all. Should it work automatically, or do I need to set/configure something?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Steve D.

He Steve,

could you post the German language pieces here so we can translate it for you and tell you where to change it? So you will get a bit closer to the software :wink: I will put it all together to have the shop from one of the next releases in a complete English then. Might be very helpful for both of us.

For the second point: Due to we use the smarty template engine, the content is cached on the server. So if you change anything in your templates (that concerns your currency mod as well) the safest way is to clear the /tmp/-folder. Also, you might want to switch the caching mode off during the development: Admin -> core settings -> performance -> Automatic detection of necessary Template re-compilation. Uncheck during normal operation for increased performance.

Hope that helps.

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
OXID eSales AG

Hi Marco,

It’s impossible to know where to start with the language bits, there are so many. However, the ‘welcome’ message has finally changed to my english version now that I have switched off caching mode and cleared the tmp folder (though the title is still in German!).

For instance, Great Britain is shown as ‘GrossBritannien’, but Germany is ‘Germany’. Other countries vary as well, some in English, some in German. The same goes for many of the admin item titles.

No luck on the £ sign yet though.

The only way forward I think is to give you access to my admin page, I’ll send you a link and the password so that you can see for yourself (and then you can tell me if I’m getting it all wrong!).

Many thanks,

Steve D.

This language thing is getting crazy and it looks like no-one has any answers. I re-added then removed German to see what would happen and my home page ‘welcome’ text in admin has gone back to the original default text in german, while my web page still shows my own text in english. Lots of the other item Titles are still in German too, all of ‘Promotions’ is. This software is well and truly screwed and totally unusable! Anybody else having these problems?

By the way, Distributors and Manufacturers are reversed when shown on your site and have to be entered into the wrong sections to get them to show correctly.

Steve D.

Hi - if anybody else is facing a problem setting up multiple-currencies, here’s a howto you can follow:

Configuring multiple currencies in OXID.

Or you can email/PM me anytime regarding the same:)