I’ve a question regarding my career. I’ve a bit of experience in making custom websites from HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and PHP with SQL…

Is there anyway I can learn Oxid eshop development and everything. Like how can I make custom modules and smarty templates. And each and everything?? I’m also ready to learn by paying money too. I’m not good in German so I prefer to learn in English. I’ll be really greateful if anyone can guide me regarding that.

Abdullah Qamar

Hello Abdullah :slight_smile:

welcome to the OXID forum.

To get started, the free basic workshops are also available in English OXID Academy | Online Trainings | Udemy


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Hello @indianer3c

When I started Oxid Eshop development I saw those videos which help me. But still, at some point, I feel like I need oxid eshop proper training so I can understand each and everything properly. I still feel lost at some points that how can I track some things. Hope you understand my problem.

Thanks a lot for replying
Abdullah Qamar

There is no step by step guide for every possible change you might ever want to make.
OXID is that kind of software, that you have to learn by reading and debugging the source code. It requires some advanced PHP knowledge and experience, basically it requires you to be a real developer being able to analyse code and not just “copy paste code from stack overflow” kind of developer.
Udemy course will tell you the basics and where to look for files. After that you just search in files, use xdebug or look at other modules.
If you need a step by step guides and ready to copy-paste code examples, OXID is the wrong software for you.

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