Limit for history article as config var

this might be an easy one:
in loadHistoryArticles() theres a hardcoded limit for 4 articles.

why not makin that configurable like with crossselling?


I think a small module with

if (count($aHistoryArticles) > 7) {

(if you need just 6 products) would make more sense in a manner of keeping the code lean and lank, wouldn’t it?


of course a module would do it, but you have to write it, enable it etc
nothing for lazy guys :wink:

imho i think hardcoded limits are quite unclean

and it would be just two more lines:
$myConfig = $this->getConfig();
$this->setSqlLimit( 0, $myConfig->getConfigParam( ‘iNrofLatestArticles’ ));
plus the admin form

as i said this might be an easy one


at the end of the day, one shouldn’t find a hard coded value in a CMS :slight_smile: