Listing all used .tpl : Where to add "$smarty->debugging_ctrl = 'URL' " ?

-erledigt bitte löschen-


It’s important to note that the Debug Console will only work when the display() function call is used for a template. If the PHP script is using fetch() instead to grab the HTML output, Smarty will not include the Debug Console on that.

As all I find are lines like

$sOutput = $smarty->fetch( $params[‘tpl’]);

is there any way to get those information anyway?

By the way: is of no help, as it does only show the first called .tpl but does not generate that popup.

Well - it would be nice to get your solution at this place instead of a message that you just resolved it by yourself…


I did not resolve it, I found a workaround by checking the last access to the files.
That´s hardly worth sharing, as it requires that kind of access. :slight_smile:

as a lot of users here in forums have root-access at least to their shop and shop directory, and a lot of them are some kind of "do-it-yourselfer " and semi-professionals - maybe some of them would help your hint