Main page URL gone crazy

Hi Everyone,

I must have screwed up something in the SEO or Language configuration but no matter what I enter in the static url fields in the core settings I always get /index.php?lang=1& from any home link instead of just /. When I hit up the domain normally it doesn’t redirect to index.php?lang=1& though. I have 3 installed languages but only one is active in front end which is also default. I have no other rewrite problems.

Could anyone give me a clue please where could’ve gone wrong? I am out of ideas. Thanks


can you please give us a link to your store so we can see what’s going on?


Hi Marco, sorry I didn’t notice that you replied, thanks for that. The URL currently is:

Your homelink looks fine here.

<a id="logo" href="" title="Warmluftöfen"><img src="" alt="Warmluftöfen"></a>

Not for me, I still get the same thing. Tried deleting caches and temps and all but it’s just there. I also tried various computers and browsers.

 <a id="logo" href="" title="Warmluftöfen">

Strange is, and probably has to do with the issue that when I’m in the core settings at the SEO setting, I choose the start page, enter / and when I save it it returns oxid/ instead. Sorry I forgot to mention it earlier.

OK, today I looked at it from a German computer and everything was fine. It has to be a language redirect thing. I only have German active on the front end. Is there a way to turn that feature off?

Same question! I look forward to finding the best anwser here!

nice discussion…